Top 3 Fashion Accessories For This Summer

Adding accessories to wear with your outfit can either make it or break it.  Choosing accessories that compliment your fashion look is essential. 


Bucket Hats

The current trend for this year is bucket hats. Once very popular in the ’90s have made a big hit this year.  Bucket hats protect your face from the sun in a very fashionable way. They are available in many different prints, colors, and designs. 

Baker Boy Hats

Also trending this year are baker boy hats. The most popular styles are made of wool and leather materials in darker tones like grey, black, and navy. This classic style hat is a great chic additional to your wardrobe. 


Trending Color

The trending color of footwear for this summer is purple. Many shades of purple are available to fit your wardrobe needs. This beautiful bold color can be paired with many different outfits. They can be worn in a variety of styles such as:

  • Pumps
  • Sneakers
  • Boots
  • Heels
  • Flats

Sculptural Heels

Many fashionistas were spotted wearing sculptural heels this fashion season. Sculptural heels add:

  • Detail
  • Are stylish
  • Are chic
  • Appear artistic

Sculptural heels come in a large range of different shapes and heel sizes. They are a fun way of accenting your outfit. 


Once again, sneakers are popular during fashion week. Sneakers are of the most comfortable pieces of footwear. They can be found in an array of colors, styles, and designs. The most popular style is the futuristic sneaker, a supersized and space-age style.


The spring and summer fashion show featured many print designs. These prints not only were featured in garments but also in footwear. Snakeskin boots were worn with long coats and ruffle dresses to soften their look. 

Handbag Trends


This year’s handbag trends focused on style as opposed to practicality. The handbag styles are miniature versions of the larger styles. The small versions can house items like credit cards, bank cards, identification, and phones. These cute little handbags come in many styles and colors which is a fun way to accessorize your outfit. 

Basket Bags

Another trend this summer is straw and wicker style bags. They can be found in an array of shapes and styles. A great summer picnic look. These stylish bags work well with feminine fashion outfits. 

Clear Bags

Clear bags made of plastic are great protection for its contents and adds longevity to the bag. Clear totes can house a smaller colorful handbag that can be interchanged to be coordinated with various outfits. They come in many styles, such as a small top handle bag or carry-all totes.

Market Bags and Totes

At the opposite end of the scale from the miniature versions of handbags, market bags and totes are also very popular in today’s summers trends.  

Other Popular Accessories


Pearls are the latest trending jewelry fashion accessories. Pearls have been in existence for years and were worn by many generations. They are a very feminine form of jewelry. Choosing an assortment of pearl jewelry such as:

  • Layered necklaces
  • Bracelets
  • Earrings
  • Hair berets
  • Pearl accented belts
  • Rings 
  • Sunglasses

These can add a very feminine and distinguished look to your ensemble. You can choose round or natural shaped pearls in solid form or pearlescent forms. Quite often pearls are worn by brides as part of their wholesome wedding fashion. Todays latest pearl trend adds the mix of hard metals along with pearls. 


Today’s trends use bulky crystal and gem-studded watches as a bold fashion accessory. Utilizing a practical accessory and bumping it up to a newer level. Wide bands in white and various colors can be a great addition to any wardrobe. 


Anklets have come back on the scene as a fashion accessory to accentuate tanned ankles and feet.  Anklets also add fashion to many styles of footwear. They come in many styles, such as:

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Pearl
  • Crystals
  • Shells
  • Stones

And so many other selections. 


Adding sunglasses to your look can make a very bold statement. There are so many shapes, colors, and sizes to choose from. They can consist of:

  • Defined corners
  • Bold colors
  • Black rims
  • Animal print rims
  • Hexagon shaped
  • Diamond-shaped
  • Angular frames
  • Molded frames
  • Triangular shaped
  • Rectangular shaped
  • Metal Rims

And the list goes on. 

Choosing the right style of sunglasses not only protects your eyes from the beaming rays of the sun but can also highlight the beautiful features of your face. Coordinating colors, patterns, and styles with your outfit can bring a beautiful chic look from head to toe. 

Sunglass Chains

Gone are the days when only librarians and Grandparents wore sunglass chains. They have now become a fashion statement this year and can be seen as a new cool accessory. There is also a practical way of keeping your sunglasses safe from losing them and keeping them conveniently available. Just like jewelry they are available in many different styles such as:

  • Beaded chains
  • Colored chains
  • Gold chains
  • Silver chains
  • Gem chains
  • Shell chains
  • Star chains
  • Rope chains 

The list is virtually endless. Sunglass chains can be coordinated with other jewelry pieces for a well put-together look. 

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