5 Tips to Buy Long-Lasting Make-up on a Tight Budget

affordable make-up for women

Make-up in your 30s is a totally different ball-game. Your skin texture and tone changes, and you can probably spot those pesky wrinkles and fine lines. At this point, you might find yourself to be terribly vulnerable to the “anti-aging” gimmick of the beauty industry.

They will throw serums, foundations, hydrators, and lippies your way that promise “youth and radiance”. However, this tactic is nothing more than a trick to burn a hole in your pocket. It can leave you feeling incompetent, especially when you’re on a super-tight budget. 

And so, relentlessly, you turn to affordable make-up. However, here’s the industry’s best kept secret – budget-friendly make-up can also give you an amazing finish without robbing your bank account. Let’s delve into some super-smart tips and hacks to look ultra-gorgeous and stunning with affordable make-up! 

  1. Hit the Drug-Store 

It’s time to ditch high-end products and step into a drug-store for some of the best, long-lasting make-up products. Remember, the cost doesn’t always equal quality. At 30, you might want to cut back on the shimmer and opt for a matte finish. 

Check out the drug store in your area and look for a matte foundation to help smooth out the wrinkles and spots. You can ideally get two foundations – one for daily wear and the other for special occasions. Make sure they match your skin tone. You can test them against your wrist and find the one that suits you the most. 

  1. Make Your Own Lippies 

Don’t have money to buy that Huda Beauty lip palette? Don’t stress! All you need are some eye-shadow, crayons and coconut oil. Mix in the powder from the crayons or eye-shadow with the oil until it turns into a fine paste. Allow it to cool down and then apply on the lips! It serves as a gorgeous lip balm. 

  1. Use Coconut Oil as a Make-Up Remover

This luxurious, velvety oil is making rounds in the beauty industry, and for good reason. With its amazing anti-bacterial and anti-aging properties, it is the best moisturizer for your 30s. The oil has natural cleansing qualities, allowing you to remove all the make-up on your face. 

Don’t invest in expensive make-up removers or micellar water when you have this  gem in the house. Whether you want to remove the foundation, stubborn mascara, or a matte lipstick – coconut oil does the trick. The best part – you only need a few drops for your entire face! 

  1. Use Your Mascara Brush to Fill In Eyebrows 

Are your eyebrows losing their color? Don’t worry! Simply pick up your desired eyebrow color, and use your mascara brush to fill it in. Wash it thoroughly with a cleanser or dish soap. Leave it to dry and re-use it as an eye-brow filler. It works great for some texture too!

  1. Make Your Lashes Look Bigger with This Little Trick

Do you struggle with your mascara brush? Do your lashes always clump together? If you want fuller, thicker lashes, sweep the mascara towards the nose. Doing so will fill volume into those gorgeous lashes! 

Share these secrets with your girlfriends! These tricks can help you save ridiculous amounts of money!

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