Office Decor for the Savvy Business Woman

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To create a productive work environment, your office setting and decor must appeal to all your senses. This can be achieved with many aesthetic appealing products. Feeling comfortable in your surroundings and having a warm, inviting office can make business transactions much smoother between you and your clients. 

Colour Pallet 

The first step in creating your aesthetically amazing workspace is choosing a color scheme. Color has a universal way of influencing people. Always choose neutral shades that are pale to reflect light. Use accent colors sparingly and no more than two bold colors. The following colors represent:

  • Green – Reassurance, calmness, and balance
  • Blue – adds stimulation to the mind
  • Yellow – touches on your emotions by stimulating your spirits which makes you more optimistic
  • Red – Stimulates the body and promotes physical strength.

Office Furniture

When designing your office, it is wise to avoid over cluttering. Choosing appropriate size of furniture will create an open and uncluttered flow to the room. Choose furniture that gives your office a light, fresh look.


Choosing a Desk 

 Choose a desk that:

  • Is large enough to house your computer, phone, and necessities and meets all your needs
  • Has appropriate storage
  • Is easy to maintain
  • Can accommodate decor changes
  • Is environmentally friendly

Your office desk is usually the focal point of the room. So carefully choose one that will complement other furnishings and accessories. 

Filing Cabinet

Depending on the size and layout of your office space you made need a separate filing cabinet. Choosing one that matches your desk creates a clean well put together look. Some desks, especially L-shaped, have filing drawers built right in, but this is usually a much larger desk. If you are really pushed for space, you can look into wall mounted file storage, like adding an enclosed matching cabinet above your desk. 


Desk Chair

You may spend many hours sitting at your desk, ensuring that you choose a comfortable desk chair is very important. There are many styles of desk chairs that are both aesthetically and practical for your office. Some styles you can choose from are:

  • Big and tall chairs -for larger built people
  • 24-hour chairs – long term use designs
  • Adjustable height chairs – great for multi-level desks
  • Ergonomic chairs – ergonomically adjustable for each user
  • Custom chairs – custom designs for individuals
  • Computer chairs – use with standard desks
  • Drafting chairs – use with stand up desks or adjustable desks
  • Executive chairs – a comfortable chair that adds flare
  • And other chairs that you may find more appropriate. 


This is one of the most important aspects of your office. Gone are the days that your only choice of lighting was fluorescent. Today lighting systems and light bulbs are eco-friendly and far more economical. The lighting in your office is important because not only does it set a particular mood, but it also allows you to see and work more effectively without eye strain. During the day of course, natural light works best. Types of office lighting:

  • LED – cost-efficient – available in many different styles and bulb strengths
  • Fluorescent – bright lighting that is very expensive 
  • Track lights – can direct light where you need it – LED bulb compatible
  • Floor lamps – create a soft atmosphere – LED bulb compatible 
  • Desk lamps – for focused lighting – LED bulb compatible
  • Recessed lights – create a softer illumination – are often dimmable
  • Ceiling luminaires – many different designs to suit your office decor
  • Down lights – usually a stronger lighting system 

Awards and Certifications

Having your certifications, awards, and accreditations visible to your clients is an important way to let them know your value. There are many styles and designs of frames that you can use to display these accomplishments that will catch the eye of your clients. You may choose an accent wall to display this type of work.  

Decor Items

The number of decor items available is virtually endless. Installing invisible shelving and placing vases, candles, and flowers can create a great focal point in the room. An area rug is also very warm and inviting.


There are many forms of art that you can decorate your accent wall with. Metal art is quite popular and comes in all sizes and shapes. Portraits can reveal a personal touch and tell your clients a bit about you. Almost anything goes when it comes to art. You can choose from many forms of art such as:

  • Contemporary
  • Historical
  • Nature
  • Art from the Islands
  • Formal
  • Abstract
  • Textured

Company Logos and Product Images

If you are trying to portray a business only atmosphere, creating an accent wall with your company logo, trademarks, colors, and product images will tell your clients you are very business-oriented. It will also show that you are very proud of what you do and the company you work for. 



Accent Wall

An accent wall that stands out in a room and immediately draws the eye upon entrance. There are many ideas for creating an accent wall. Here are some ways you can achieve this:

  • Bold/Vibrant color Wall
  • Decor items
  • Art 
  • Company logos and Product Images
  • Themed
  • Sharing personal interests 

Bold Wall Color

Accenting your wall with a bold color will depend on the amount of natural light, your lighting system and the size of your space.  Sometimes bold colors can have a closed-in effect. While other times it can create a warm and inviting atmosphere

Themed Accent Walls

Creating a themed accent wall that compliments your business offers a fun way to market your company. Finding something that stands out, creates a lasting first impression and is memorable will capture the attention of your intended audience. 

Personal Interest Accent Wall

Personal interest accent walls open many doors for conversation. It invites your clients to ask questions and become engaged about personal interests you may need both share. Some ideas are:

  • Boats
  • Skiing
  • Hiking
  • Snowshoeing 
  • Race Cars
  • Classic Cars
  • Swimming 

Decorating the office in the right manner can go a long way in building the brand of the Company.

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