The Power of Mindfulness – How This Simple Breathing Ritual Can Change Your Life

The power of mindfulness
A Woman Meditating In Nature

Mindfulness is a wonderful thing. Plainly described as becoming more aware of one ’s self and surroundings, it can help an anxious individual ground themselves in the present. In life, we may go through bitter experiences that can plunge us into deep fears and anxieties. 

As we age, we tend to sift through the superficial things about our lives and move towards a more authentic and real life. We gradually realize that most of our anxieties and fears can be controlled through positive thoughts. 

This is where meditation steps in. Meditating in the quiet hours of dawn or late in the night can help us organize our thoughts and enable us to become more purposeful. It facilitates our mindful journey towards a more wholesome, authentic life. 

And, so here is a brilliant breathing technique that can galvanize your physical and emotional energy towards a spiritual center to help you realign your thoughts and values.

The One Breathing Ritual You Need in Your Life 

The entire intent behind breathing consciously is to gather your negative and toxic thoughts as you inhale and slowly, mindfully let them go as you exhale. For the first few days, the ritual may feel like a strenuous exercise. 

However, keep at it. It’s only a matter of time before you start feeling greater control over your breathing, and ultimately, your thoughts. Remember, a happy and content life is all about the mindset. If you can manage to fix your thoughts, you will unlock the greatest secret of happiness. 

  • Start by simply breathing in and out. As a beginner, you will realize that your breaths are shallow and quick. You’re not using your body’s full capacity to take fuller, deeper breaths. The idea behind this exercise is to help you increase your inhales and exhales to help your body relax and realign its energy.  

Close your eyes and chant the words “in” as you inhale and “out” as you exhale. For the first few tries, simply focus on regulating your breathing. Soon enough, you’ll be able to listen to silence underneath those sounds. 

Continue this until you feel you’ve mastered the moment and feel grounded in reality. This little practice will help you centre yourself in your present surroundings. 

  • Now, move on to deeper, slower breaths. Prolong the chant and focus on breathing deeply and slowly. When you inhale, hold your breath for a few seconds, and then exhale very, very slowly. Start by filling your belly with air and allow your ribcage to expand fully. 

Feel the oxygen seep into your chest as you inhale. Feel your entire energy accumulate towards your chest and then gradually let go. Exhale and expel out your fears, anxieties, and every thought that pulls you down. This practice will help you cut the rush and become more peaceful. 

Repeat this exercise a few times every day to reap the wonderful benefits of mindfulness. Soon enough, you’ll realize that the simple act of mindful breathing can help you control your thoughts and empower you to start your day off positively!

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