The Best Beauty Products on Amazon For Great Skin (Under $50 Each!)

With the dizzying number of beauty products available, how would you ever find a beauty routine that works for your skin? 

Enter: Amazon. Each product comes with authentic feedback from hundreds to thousands of consumers like yourself – be it positive or negative. You’re bound to find someone who has the same skin issues you do and has experienced success with a particular beauty product. 

As with every sector the colossal online retailer chooses to break into, Amazon is making its main play in the beauty industry on price and convenience, touting free one- or two-day delivery for Prime members and low prices. 

And you don’t have to worry about limited choices either. The online retailer has built trusted relationships with a growing number of beauty brands, which means you’ll get to buy what you typically see in Sephora stores – while lounging in your PJs.

To make your skincare search more efficient, we’ve ventured down the rabbit hole of Amazon’s Beauty section to emerge (a few hours later, admittedly) with a few of the best products we think you’ll want.

Oh, did we mention that they’re all under $50 each?

#1 – Aztec Secret: Indian Healing Clay

Don’t let its dubious packaging fool you; with its staggering number of positive reviews, this mask seems to live up to its tag line of being ‘the world’s most powerful facial.’ The clay mask contains 100% natural calcium bentonite, an ingredient known for drawing out skin impurities. Use this as the ultimate clay mask.

#2 – TruSkin Naturals: Vitamin C Serum For Face

In this age of advertising, we’re generally wary whenever a company makes a grand claim, like being the ‘best organic vitamin C serum.’ And we would have immediately clicked on the ‘back’ button if it weren’t for the thousands of glowing, five-star reviews. Made with ‘organic and natural ingredients’ like vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, and witch hazel, this serum tightens and brightens effectively indeed.

#3 – COSRX: Acne Pimple Master Patch

Unlike most over-the-counter acne-fighting products, this pimple patch does not contain drying antiseptic ingredients, like benzoyl peroxide. Instead, the patch is formulated with hydrocolloid (fancy term for something that easily binds with water) properties, so it absorbs all your pimples’ nasty gunk. You can go to sleep with the patch on and arise the next morning with significantly clearer skin.

#4 – BaeBody: Eye Gel

Many under-eye products only target a problem area at one time. But why do you have to spend hours layering various products over each other? Why not buy a single eye gel that promises to combat dark circles, wrinkles, and bags under the eyes – at the same time?

If you’re nodding in agreement, check out BaeBody’s eye gel. It’s worth mentioning that the eye gel also contains matrixyl 3000, an anti-aging peptide that likely contributes to the skin-firming results thousands of reviewers adore.

#5 – Majestic Pure: Himalayan Salt Body Scrub 

If you exfoliate your face to rid yourself of dead skin, why shouldn’t you afford the rest of your body the same luxury? Formulated with ‘the planet’s purest Himalayan pink salt’ and lychee essential oil, this scrub promises to leave your skin smooth and velvety-soft upon wash-off. We are imagining relaxing in the shower with this after knocking off, already. 

#6 – Amope: Pedi Perfect Electronic Dry Foot File

The thing about aging is that it can lead to heels so cracked they look like the Sahara desert. Thankfully, Amope’s electronic foot file exists. It makes use of micro-abrasive particles to buff away rough, built-up skin in minutes – gently. And honestly, there’s not much to be said about this foot file. We think the countless, astonishing side-by-side comparison pictures on Amazon speak for themselves.

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