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5 Kinds of Midi-Dresses to Rock This Summer

The summers have kicked in and now is the perfect time to flaunt your perfectly tanned body with tank-tops and leg-bare dresses. If you’re searching for an occasion-perfect, twirl-ready outfit, then a midi-dress is an ideal choice. As a versatile attire, it is apt for light afternoon events and relaxing night-time socials. Plus, it’s super comfy and airy, making it perfect for hotter days! 

The best thing about midi-dresses is that they can fit any shape and size. If you’re tall and slender, you can choose something with smaller patterns and a tighter fit. For shorter heights, a mid-length dress with big floral patterns could work very nicely. 

Midi-dresses truly re-define what it means to experiment with fashion accessories. So, here are some of our favorite fashionable midi dresses that you can rock this summer! 

1. Bohemian Midi Dress

If you’re a free-spirited, hippy woman who likes a casual midi dress, then Bohemian-style is the way to go. A Bohemian midi dress is known for its vibrant colors and unique silhouettes that truly stand out in the crowd. 

A Bohemian style midi-dress is available in typical hues like amber, fiery red, cerulean blue, and mustard. A voluminous midi dress bucked by a thin leather belt is one of the smartest looks to sport this season! 

2. Flowy Denim Midi Dress

A flary denim midi dress is the perfect way to fulfill your love for the fabric without feeling hot. With thread-like borders and a nice blue shade, denim midi-dresses look wonderful with knee-high boots and shades! 

3. Semi-Formal Laced Midi-Dress

Another addition to our list is laced midi dresses! They are sultry, elegant, and super-easy to carry. A midi dress stitched in a lace fabric and hemmed by narrow laces is the perfect summer outfit. Pair it up with plain high heels and fasten the waist with a chic belt. 

If you’re feeling extra bold, pair up the dress with some alluring stockings, and you’re ready to go for the night! 

4. Button-up Midi Sundress 

Buttons are gorgeous and can do wonders for the functionality of a dress. A midi outfit in plain colors like black and white or nude pastels like powder pink, beige, and blush look amazing with big dark buttons all the way till the end. 

Wear the sundress to a nice beach party with casual flip-flops or simply sport it for an after-noon hi-tea event. Simple, sophisticated and super-gorgeous, a button-up midi sundress is the way to go this summer. 

5. Floral Pleated Midi-Dress 

Flowy, soft, and charming, a floral pleated dress will always save you from a fashion emergency. It has the perfect amount of sass, style, and comfort that you need to grace a party. Pair it up with pretty flats, big hoop earrings, and a bold lip color. You can even tie your hair up to add that oomph factor to your look. 

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