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4 Ways to Wear White Strappy Sandals

White is an elegant and neat color. It exudes simplicity and grace, which is also why it’s what a bride wears on her big day. When it comes to white shoes, it seems that almost everyone has jumped on the bandwagon. From models to Instagram influencers and actresses, everyone likes to keep a pair or two of white shoes in their wardrobe. 

Whether it’s white strappy sandals, platform heels or a pair of Birkenstock, white is a fashion-forward, gorgeous color of this year. If you own a pair of white sandals and are wondering how to style them, then here are some suggestions to craft your own personal style. 

1. A Black Crew-Neck T-shirt with a Pink Pleated Skirt 

Women's Black Leather Pumps, Pink Pleated Sequin Midi Skirt

With flat white sandals, you should definitely wear a midi-skirt. Not only will it add a few inches to your height, but the leg-bare pleated skirt will also draw attention to the sandals on your feet. A crew-neck tee, possibly in black or nude color, is the perfect way to pull off a casual street style. For an attractive add-on, wrap around a ruffled scarf and cool sunshades before you head out.

2. Go All White 

Little White Eyelet | Casual dresses

 If you want to keep things simple, you can just go all white. Whether it’s a skin-fit jumpsuit, a white midi-dress, or even a luscious pairing of white cotton pants with a crisp shirt, there’s never a reason not to enjoy an all white day in your life. 

The white strappy sandals on your feet will look extremely gorgeous when you’re dressed in the same color head to toe! 

3. White Linen Crop-top with Blue Denim Shorts

White Linen Crop-top with Blue Denim Shorts

Laid-back denim can accentuate the charm and finesse of white sandals. If you have a white linen top or a silk crop top, pair it up with sultry denim shorts and of course, your white strappy sandals. 

Denim with its dark, edge look truly complements the simplicity of white. You can sport a pair of boyfriend jeans and fasten it nicely with a statement belt to step things up a bit. And to stand out even more, don’t forget to wear your dazzling earrings! 

4. A Black and White Polka Dot Jumpsuit 

Polka Dot Black And White Summer Jumpsuit

Another classy outfit to pair with your white sandals is a polka-dot jumpsuit. You must’ve noticed that white mostly looks best when it is paired with darker, eye-catching patterns and shades. A modish jumpsuit etched with big polka dots looks smart and uber-gorgeous with a pair of white sandals. 

With this guide on how to wear white sandals, you can truly stand out at your next event. Mix and match as you wish and don’t forget to get your nails done before wearing your pretty white sandals.  

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