what to wear with denim jeans

5 Ways to Look Spruce and Stylish with Denim

Every girl loves denim. It is the most versatile and stylish item in your wardrobe. Perfect for hot and cold days, denim is an all-season fabric that is loved by everyone. It has made it to the annual fashion ramps, been our savior during fashion emergencies, and is perfect for days when you wish to wear a relaxed and casual outfit. 

If you’ve decided to channel your inner diva and want to experiment with denim, then here are a few fashion inspirations to help you! 

1. The Denim Trench Coat


The trench coat is actually a menswear inspiration, but for ladies, it can help you pull off that over-sized casual look. It can be worn over a midi dress to add a little funky oomph to your outfit or with a casual tee and pants. 

To rock a bit of street style, wear a denim jacket over a long tunic top and pair it with skinny jeans or trousers. Don’t forget to pair sneakers for the ultimate urban look! 

2. The Flared Jeans

High-Rise Flare-Leg Jeans

Who doesn’t love a pair of flared jeans? Perfect for flaunting your curves, they truly add to the beauty and shape of your long legs. Pair them with your favorite crisp, white shirt and some hoop earrings. As one of the most popular denim silhouettes, it’s time to bring back the disco-inspired retro flared jeans. 

You will always stand out in the crowd with your subtly flared leg shape. The bell-shaped hems near the bottom are perfect for adding a few inches to your height. Think of them as giant, flared trousers that are meant to add a polished finish to your outfit. Plus, for someone who likes over-sized and voluminous clothing, flared jeans are a keeper! 

3. Denim Jumpsuit

Denim Jumpsuit

Next up is our favorite recommendation of the year – a denim jumpsuit! If you want to be a little fashion-forward for summers, grace your socials in a funky denim jumpsuit or jumper. Pair it up with mono-colored tees and tie your hair up for the denim to truly shine through.  

Your friends will love the new, bold look. Preppy and stylish, denim jumpers are perfect to show off your curves! 

4. Going Mini – Denim Skirt 

Cute Ways To Wear A Denim Mini Skirt

A cut-off jeans skirt with light fringes is the perfect messy-casual look you’re aiming for. On hotter days, pair the skirt with a tank top or a short-sleeve shirt and some boots. For fall or fairly colder days, wear some stockings to warm the legs while flaunting a swanky skirt on top. 

5. Modern Skater

denim outfit-black jeans-ripped-jeans-oversized-denim-jacket.

If you want ideas on what to wear with denim jeans, then go for a skater look. Skatewear is a popular trend these days, which involves pairing baggy jeans with a big white tee. Pin-rolled jeans were previously a necessity, but have now made their way into urban fashion. If it gets a little chilly, pull up a nice, warm hoodie for the ultimate skater look! 

 Go wild with denim and use these fashionable ideas to look your absolute best!       

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