The Top 5 Places To Know Where To Find The Latest Fashion Trends

There are many places that exhibit the latest fashions of today. Knowing where to look is key in finding these.

Fashion Magazines


This is more than likely one of the easiest ways to find the latest fashion trends. There are an abundance of fashion magazines on the market. Some of the most popular ones are:

  • Elle –  A woman’s perspective Magazine covering many topics
  • Vogue – indepth exploration of world fashion magazine
  • Marie Claire – magazine covering fashion, news, and social issues
  • Glamour – magazine which gives fashion advice
  • Allure – contains topics regarding  hair fashion and beauty fashion 
  • InStyle – a magazine that exhibits a deep perspective of design and fashion
  • Redbook – covers topics like fashion and beauty tips
  • Essence – contains information pertaining to hair styles, beauty products, and fashion trends

Celebrity Magazines

Fashion magazines are one way to observe the latest fashion trends. However, celebrity magazines exhibit well known celebrities modeling the latest trends. Some of the more popular Celebrity magazines are as follows:

  • People – covers topics relating to celebrities such as lifestyle, fashion, and gossip
  • US Weekly – contains topics pertaining to celebrity fashions and lifestyles
  • Rolling Stone – an edgy magazine covering controversial topics and fashions 
  • Life & Style – a weekly magazine covering trending fashion styles of celebrities

Social Media


Social media is a very convenient way to look for the latest fashion trends. This can be done in the comfort of your own home. Some popular Fashion Trend Sites are:

  • Style Caster – a great website covering everything you need to know about the world of fashion
  • Elle – Similar to the magazine but more in depth information about the world of fashion.
  • In Style – popular site keeping women up to date on the latest fashion styles
  • DailyLook – a step by step process outlining the latest fashion trends that suit you best
  • Refinery 29 – one of the best websites for fashion niche, fastest growing website in the U.S.
  • Glamour – a great website for staying on top of and creating fashion trends
  • Lauren Conrad – a website designed to meet the needs of feminity when it comes to fashion
  • Who What Wear – includes real life fashion design and celebrity fashion design

There are many more websites you can visit at your convenience. You can also share some of the trending fashion designs with family and friends. 

Fashion and Trade Shows


There are several fashion shows you can attend in person or watch on social media. You can visit fashion websites to view a listing of upcoming trade and fashion shows. By simply googling fashion shows you will get several listings of where to find them. For example:

  • Indigo and Premiere Vision – a show that consists of 125 exhibitors featuring textiles and designs
  • Sourcing at Magic – a fashion sourcing event
  • CFE Manufacturers Trade Show – Fabric fashion show and fashion samples
  • Some very popular fashions shows that you can attend are:
  • Boston Fashion Week
  • Miami Fashion Week
  • New York Fashion Weeks 
  • Portland Oregon Fashion Week
  • Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show
  • Atlantic City Fashion Week
  • Met Gala
  • Los Angeles Fashion Week

So many to choose from all over the U.S.A.

Watching Music and Film Award Events on Television

Many women watch these kinds of events to see who wins awards. However, many women watch to see what the latest celebrity fashions are. This is a great way to keep up to date with the latest fashion trends. Some of the Award Events to watch are:


Shopping in Designer Shops or Popular Clothing Stores


Many women enjoy going out and shopping for clothes. Seeing the designs and feeling the fabric can make a difference in your likes and dislikes. You may like the design but not necessarily the fabric its made from. Most stores exhibit the latest trends in their storefronts. Popular Fashion Designer Shops may include:

  • Donatella Versace

These world renowned designers showcase the latest fashion trends in their stores. 

Clothing Stores

Some clothing stores carry a variety of different designer fashions. This is convenient because you can look at many fashions by various designers. Some are:

Shopping Online


For women that don’t enjoy visiting stores or malls, online shopping would be the perfect fit. Shopping online is the most convenient way of shopping for fashion. You can take as much time as you like. This is also available any time of the day or night. This is convenient for shift workers. The fashions are delivered right to your home. 

People Watching

This is probably the most fun way to see what the latest fashion trends are. Many women enjoy people watching to see what the latest fashions are being worn out on the street. This will give you an idea of business fashion, everyday fashion, and streetwear. By people watching you can:

  • See how people mix and match colors
  • Observe layering effects
  • See how fashion looks on people as opposed to on the rack
  • Observe the most popular fashion trends
  • Observe what are worn by various aged women

When you know where to shop it takes fashion shopping to a whole new level.

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