6 Ways to Wear Your Off-Shoulder Tops

Off-shoulder tops are the hottest summer trend. These cute tops are never out of fashion and the trend keeps resurfacing to reach a new height every few years. Once again, it is making waves this summer. It’s time you bring out all your off-shoulder tops and get ready to whip up some seriously amazing outfits.

Here’s your ultimate fashion guide on how to wear off-shoulder tops. Check out these six classy ways to wear your off-shoulder tops and take your fashion game to the next level.         

1. The ’80s Way

Back in the ’80s, off-shoulder tops were in full rage. So, it won’t be a stretch to say that wearing them the ’80s-style is a classic fashion statement when it comes to off-shoulder tops. You can pull down the top over one shoulder while letting it rest over the other. Another classic 80’s look is to go for off-shoulder tops that come with shoulder straps. Either way, it is a great way to add a bit of retro touch to your attire.      

2. Oversized and Tucked In

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Another great way to wear your off-shoulder top is to tuck it in the pants. This style works well with almost all types of off-shoulder tops. However, if your top is oversized, loose, or baggy, it’s sure to look phenomenal. This is an easy way to create a fun and casual outfit. Complete the look with a pair of ankle boots and you are ready to go!   

3. Pair with Culottes

How to Wear a Black and White Off Shoulder Top

Off-shoulder tops work exceptionally well with culottes. So if you have a pair of culottes, it’s time you take it out of the wardrobe and pair it up with a cute off-shoulder top for a trendy look. This look is more of a contemporary style which will make the most of your off-shoulder top.

4. Look for Colorful Stripes

Multicolored Striped Off Shoulder Top

Up for a little shopping? If you don’t already have one, look for a multicolored off-shoulder top with stripes. The stripes typically run vertically down the sleeves and horizontally across the body of the top. Plus, the use of various colors makes it stand out from the crowd, creating a modern look. Pair it up with a plain skirt or simple jeans or pants to make a bold fashion statement.   

5. Un-Tucked Off-Shoulder Top with Jean Shorts

Un-Tucked Off-Shoulder Top with Jean Shorts

This style is somewhat similar to wearing-your-man’s-shirt look. A relatively long off-shoulder top will best to create this fun and stylish look. Pair your top with jean shorts and make sure you don’t tuck it in. it’s even better if the top is slightly oversized. The resulting attire will be disheveled, hot, and just right on the fashion scale!

6. Keep it Simple!

The final tip on how to wear your off-shoulder top is to keep it simple. While we all loved big bows and flowery patterns back in the ’80s, off-shoulder tops in 2019 are all about minimalism. Keep your outfit bold, elegant, and simple. And don’t shy away from going for bold color and plain tops.

So, which style do you like the best? Try them all to create some cute and stylish looks and make the most your off-shoulder tops.  

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