Korean Skincare Ritual

4-Step Korean Skincare Ritual to Follow for Healthy and Glowing Skin

From renowned magazines like Vogue to Instagram models and fashionistas, everyone is talking about the innovative and surprisingly effective Korean beauty products and skincare regimes.

Korean skincare rituals may be a relatively new trend in the world of contemporary beauty but they hold centuries-old secrets to getting the healthy and glowing skin of your dreams. Without further ado, let’s take a look at this 4-step Korean skincare ritual which can help you get the perfect glowing skin without much hassle.    

1. Cleanse

Cleansing cannot be emphazed enough

The importance of cleansing cannot be emphasized enough. An oil-based cleanser can breakdown oil-based debris, like sunscreen and makeup, which accumulate on the skin and resists water. Jojoba oil and grape-seed oil-based products are ideal for this purpose. Clean your skin before hitting the bed at night and first thing in the morning with an oil-based cleanser for soft and clean skin.

Water-based cleansers are equally important. So, follow with a water-based cleanser to remove the remaining impurities. For best results, opt for good quality products that are gentle on the skin and doesn’t dry it out excessively.   

2. Prep

prep your skin

Next, it’s time to prep your skin. Use a toner to do that. Toners are the ultimate products for prepping the skin as they balance the moisture and pH levels of the skin. Skipping this part of the Korean skincare routine can lead to dry and dehydrated skin. Furthermore, a toner helps your skin absorb the products you use for nourishment in a better way. So don’t forget to apply a toner.   

3. Nourish


The third step is all about skin nourishment. To make your skin beautiful and flawless, it is essential to nourish it. There are multiple products in the market that you can use to nourish your skin not only on the surface but also on the cellular level. Some of the must-induce skin-nourishment products that should be a part of your skincare routine include the following:

  • Essence: Since it increases the rate of cell turnover, the regular use of essence will give you younger-looking skin. It also hydrates the skin, helping you achieve even complexion.
  • Ampoule: An ampoule is an emergency-fixer. It works like an essence but is used when the skin badly needs immediate nourishment.  
  • Serum: A serum is used to target specific concerns like wrinkles, skin pigmentation, etc. This makes it essential to use the right product that focuses on the skin problems that you want to eliminate.
  • Eye cream: The skin around the eyes is generally more delicate and sensitive than the rest of the face. Therefore, it requires special attention. Use an eye cream to reduce dark circles and wrinkles around the eyes.     
  • Moisturizer: This is the most important form of skin nourishment. Even if you have dry skin, it is important to moisturize it. Moisturizers are available in many forms – pick the ones that are most suited for your skin type.    

4. Protect


Finally, it is of utmost importance to protect your skin against the harmful effects of pollution and sun damage. Always wear sunscreen even if you are only staying indoors!

Now that you know the ultimate 4-step Korean skincare ritual, nothing’s holding you back from getting soft and smooth of your dreams. Follow this routine and get healthy glowing skin in no time.   

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