How to Choose the Right Makeup Brush

If your beauty kit is missing a set of perfect brushes, we got both bad news and good news for you. The bad news is that it is almost impossible to create a flawless makeup look without the right makeup brushes. However, the good news is that picking the perfect makeup brush is easier than you may have imagined!

Makeup brushes are more important than most of us realize. Moreover, each brush is different, designed to do different jobs. Scroll down to read how to choose a makeup brush that will not only make it easier to apply makeup but will also and give you a flawless look!

Natural Fibers vs. Synthetic Fibers

The number of makeup brushes available in the market is overwhelming. From color and design of the brush to style and purpose, you will be spoiled for choices. However, the most important thing to look for in a brush is the type of fiber.

Typically, there are two types of brushes – natural fiber brush and synthetic fiber brush. Natural fiber brushes have organic or natural bristles. These brushes are not only better for the overall health of your skin but they also do a better job of applying the makeup. This is because natural hair has cuticles that can hold makeup pigments on the brush until you apply it. You can easily find numerous cruelty-free brushes in the market that are perfect for applying makeup.   

Opt for Brushes with Dome Tips


The shape of the brush plays an important part in determining its efficiency while applying makeup. Irrespective of the type of brush you are buying, it is advisable to pick a brush with a dome-shape tip. This is important because dome-shaped bristles will roll on the face more easily, giving you the flawless look. Flat tips, on the other hand, generally give an uneven finish.

Therefore, always look at the tip of the brush before buying it and go for a rounder, dome-shaped tip brush. It will also give you more control when applying makeup.    

Go for High-Quality Brushes Only


Choosing high-quality brushes specific to certain tasks is more important than having a beautiful matching brush set. Keep in mind that when it comes to makeup brushes, always purchase only high-end brushes as low-quality brushes can lead to a breakout. If you are low on budget, consider buying one brush at a time. Over time, you will have the perfect set of best quality brushes that will work for a long time.

Consider Brush Cleaning  

Cleaning your makeup brushes is a must. Whether you use natural or synthetic fiber brushes, you can’t go on for long without cleaning them as it is simply unhygienic and bad for your skin. Nonetheless, if you absolutely hate cleaning your makeup brushes and are looking for an easy option, it is advisable to go for a high-quality synthetic fiber brush. While you will still have to clean them regularly, cleaning these brushes is easy and less of a hassle as compared to natural bristle brushes.

Foundation brush, blending brush, angled brush, brow brush, and eyeshade brush are just a few essentials that every woman should have in her makeup kit. Now that you know how to choose the right makeup brush, pick only the best ones and create stunning makeup looks every day!   

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