6 Luxurious Women’s Perfume To Fall In Love With At First Whiff

Given how saturated and diverse the women’s fragrance category is, hunting down the right scent for you can be a bit of a feat. But you don’t want to settle for any old scent. After all, our sense of smell creates some of our most visceral connections to the past. The fragrance you choose will become your calling card and signal your arrival to friends, or one that signposts this current period in your mind for years to come. 

And so, to help you narrow your search for a luxurious soulmate that epitomizes you in a single spritz, we’ve come up with a tried-and-tested roundup of scents (some classics, others newly launched) available on Amazon. You’re welcome.

Juicy Couture: Viva La Juicy

juicy couture, perfume, viva la juicy

Be prepared to be the life of the party whenever you wear this scent: the Viva La Juicy combines delicious wild berries with bright jasmine for that much-coveted playful, sweet floral fragrance. And while the smell is undeniably girly and breezy, this liquid luxury – because of the addition of creamy vanilla – dries down to a more grown-up, alluring, sensual amber. This is, undoubtedly, a fragrance you’ll keep coming back to.

Kate Spade: Live Colorfully

kate spade, perfume, live colorfully

Kate Spade’s Live Colorfully reminds you to step out into the world, and well, do as its name says: live colorfully. It features a complex spectrum of bright florals, citrus, and musk that each take prominence at different times of the day to delight and surprise: the perfect accompaniment to the modern, vibrant woman. With undertones of Tahitian vanilla and a heart of Tiaré flower, it evokes a sensory experience – with a nod to the tropics – that is unparalleled. 

Coach: Signature

coach, perfume, signature

While there aren’t many fragrances out there that can pull off’ timeless sophistication’, Coach’s Signature has managed to. And beautifully, at that. At the heart of this fragrance, fresh citrus meets light cedar – culminating in a flirtatious floral scent with hints of coziness and warmth. Its luscious base of vanilla and wood is complemented by a breath-taking bouquet of jasmine, mimosa, and orange blossom. Neither too sweet nor floral, it’s a unique balance that becomes one with your skin.

Elizabeth Arden: Fifth Avenue

elizabeth arden, perfume, fifth avenue

Drawing inspiration from the energy, culture, and sights that are quintessentially Fifth Avenue, this fragrance celebrates a women’s burning ambition through an intoxicating blend of citrus notes, musks, and wood notes. Wear this out to feel like a boss babe; take in its sparkling scent of success to remind yourself that you are capable of so much more. Embrace the possibilities.

AMOUAGE: Blossom Love

amouage, perfume, blossom love

If there were a scent that embodied romance, it would be AMOUAGE’s Blossom Love. Unashamedly feminine, Blossom Love opens with cherry blossom nectar and rose liquor, before transitioning to the fruitiness of ylang-ylang. The delicious sweetness of fragrance then reveals an ethereal, woody mix of Tonka bean, sandalwood, and cashmere. Your purest romantic episode to date, in a bottle.

Juliette Has a Gun: Into The Void

juliette, perfume, into the void

Inspired by the scientific mystery of black holes – thereby, explaining the name, Into The Void is an alluring, irresistible fragrance. Guaiac wood, Papyrus, Cedar, and Patchouli (amongst others) come together as an ultra-woody and animalistic opening to the aroma. Its scent is then balanced with the Tonka bean and the Liquorice Infusion to form a perfume that is powerful, yet irresistible.

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