6 Premium Shampoos That Are Actually Worth The Hype

If you base your shampoo-buying decision on whatever is on discount at the drugstore, you might want to consider switching up your hair-washing habits. Think about it: if you wouldn’t wash your cashmere sweater with any old detergent, why subject your tresses to the (often) harsh chemicals found in a bargain-priced bottle of shampoo?

But in a world full of infinite shampoo products, it’s challenging to know which pricier suds genuinely make a difference to your hair (the way it smells, looks, and feels) and are worth splurging on. Don’t fret. Below, we’ve rounded up the best, splurge-worthy shampoos that will help create your best mane yet.

Oribe: Signature Shampoo

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Marketed as ‘a daily indulgence,’ Oribe’s Signature Shampoo doesn’t disappoint – it truly is. It features a luxurious blend of ingredients, including coconut-derived cleanser and amber extract, that gently cleanses, repairs, and protects all at the same time. Look forward to softer, silkier, and smoother hair than ever before. Its fresh bergamot-and-lemon scent is also bound to draw compliments on how ridiculously great your hair smells from everyone around you!

Philip B: Volumizing and Clarifying Shampoo (Peppermint/ Avocado)

shampoo, hair care, peppermint, avocado

If you have ultra-fine hair, you’ve likely dealt with a lifetime of limp waves. And by now, you must have been disappointed by plenty of shampoos that promised to transform your flat strands into big, bouncy hair, but did not deliver. Meet – Philip B’s Volumizing and Clarifying Shampoo. Its gentle clarifying formula cleanses without stripping moisture for thick and healthy hair. Also, it smells like peppermint candies! Yummy.

R+Co: Bel Air Smoothing Shampoo

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Does your hair puff up with the slightest spike in humidity? Grab a bottle of R+Co’s Bel Air Smoothing Shampoo. Boasting ingredients like artichoke extract, plum seed oil, broccoli seed oil, and okra seed extract, this shampoo blocks humidity and smooths for nicely-defined, soft, and shiny hair – even when it’s pouring. Its dark, romantic scent will make you look forward to washing your hair every time shower-time rolls around.

Ouidad: Ultra-Nourishing Cleansing Oil Shampoo

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Curly hair is uniquely beautiful. But without proper nourishment and care, they tend to misbehave – their pattern becomes inconsistent, resulting in curls that look frizzy and dull. To restore your curls to their glorious, supple, and springy state, lather up with Ouidad’s Ultra-Nourishing Cleansing Oil Shampoo. With an advanced oil base, it cuts through days-old grime and styling products, rinses clean – without stripping moisture – and leaves hair nicely conditioned.

Dr. Alkaitis: Organic Herbal Shampoo

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With a brand philosophy of, “If you can’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin,” you can be sure that Dr. Alkaitis’s Organic Herbal Shampoo is free of the regular nasties found in commercial shampoo products. Formulated with an abundance of hair-nourishing plant ingredients such as horsetail and wild chamomile, this shampoo cleanses and rinses well, leaving the hair nicely-hydrated. It’s so hydrating that you can skip the conditioner! 

Isdin: Lambdapil Hair Density Shampoo

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It’s worrying to see your shower drain clogged by clumps of your locks. If you struggle with thinning hair, don’t be disheartened – give Isdin’s Lambdapil Hair Density Shampoo a try. Thanks to a unique combination of ingredients, it stimulates hair follicles and normalizes scalp oil production, achieving a dual mode of action: helping reduce excessive hair loss and activate hair growth. Look forward to thicker, stronger, and fuller hair.

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