37 Most Popular Wall Décor For Every Room In The House

Moved in to your new space with all the perfect furniture set up – only to end up feeling like it doesn’t quite feel like home yet? Yes, there’s something crucial missing from the equation: wall décor! When done right, wall décor can turn any stark, bare (read: boring) wall into a statement piece.

Ready to amp up your walls and bring out your personality and taste? Ahead, we share 37 wall décor ideas. Whether it’s with vintage mirrors or mural art, wall sconces, or tapestry, these walls are designed to inspire – and drool over.  

Living room

#1 – Oversized art

An oversized artwork (or photograph) will command attention and will quickly become the main focal point in your living room: the larger the piece, the more profound the statement. As to where you can hang it in the living room, well, there are three strategic locations to consider: above the sofa, over a mantel, and flanking a window. 

Now, you want to make sure the artwork flows with the rest of your interior design, though. Try a monochromatic piece in a minimalist space. Or add nature-inspired art when you’re working with a tropical theme. Otherwise, you can just go for large-scale line drawings. They’re so simple – you can style them with just about anything. 

#2 – Accent wall

Don’t limit yourself to just thinking of ways to add to the walls – you can also think about decorating the walls themselves! An accent wall is a perfect way to break up a large room like the living room, to emphasize a particularly great architectural feature, or to instill a sense of the extraordinary in otherwise ordinary space.

Try using a bright and bold paint color (like neon pink) to create an accent wall, or bring in various patterns with wallpaper, stenciling or other decorative paint techniques. Of course, do take into account the color of your other walls. Most accent walls look best when they adjoin walls in a light to medium shade. That means you’ll want to balance your bold accent wall with neutral colors – grey, beige, brown – on the other walls.

#3 – Sculptural mirror

Stunning and functional, sculptural mirrors are easy additions to your living room. Not only will they embellish your walls with modern glamour, but they can also help brighten dark corners. Better yet, if you’re working with a small living room, mirrors can also create the illusion of more space. That said, you want to make sure the mirror is positioned such that it’s able to capture any light coming in. Consider adding light fixtures if your home lacks natural lighting. 

With so many styles available, like contemporary metal flowers, playful geometric showpieces, and Mid-Century Modern starbursts, you can be sure there’ll be one that catches your eye and fits right into your home. Also, who said you had to stop at one? Depending on the size of your living room, you can hang several mirrors with varying shapes and sizes – so long as they’re complementing each other, not competing for attention.

#4 – Extensive gallery wall

Nothing adds vibrancy and personality, quite like a gallery wall. Make your living room museum-worthy; display a collection of photographs or art, or add wall hangings and other ephemera. Choose simple, cohesive frames to tie everything together or bring an array of ornate variations to mix things up. And if framing all those pictures get too troublesome, you can even skip out on them altogether. Just stick all the artwork, photographs, and paintings up – sans-frame. It’s your house, after all.

Here’s a designer tip: lay all the artwork for your gallery wall on the floor and decide on a layout. This saves you from experiencing the frustration related to the whole process of putting pieces up and taking them down repeatedly because the configuration doesn’t look quite right. 

#5 – Living plant wall

A living plant wall, or vertical garden, is a collection of wall-mounted plants. And if you’re in love with greenery, you’re going to love how your living room is going to look with an entire wall full of plants. Talk about making a statement! Plant walls are not only absolutely gorgeous, but they’re also great for the air quality of your home.

In addition to converting carbon dioxide to oxygen, your living wall is also going to absorb harmful VOCs, formaldehyde, and benzene. Nonetheless, you should be aware of your limitations when deciding on the specific types of plants you want and the size of the living wall. If you’re not around much, you’ll most likely have to go for a smaller plant wall with lower-maintenance plants – such as succulents, ferns, and low-ground covers.

#6 – World map

Are you an avid traveler? Bring a romantic, wanderlust feeling right into your living room with a giant world map wall display. You can go as abstract or detailed as you like. If you love leafing through atlases and absorbing every intricate detail, go for world maps that look like they’re right out of a geography book. To make the world come alive in your living room, consider embossing the world map on the wall, so it looks 3D.

Another fun idea to consider is to make it interactive. Play with different textures. A world map made out of cork would be perfect for you to stick pins in to mark precisely where you’ve been to in the world. You can be sure this wall décor will be a fantastic conversation starter amongst your guests.

Dining room

#7 – Drapes

As space where you and your loved ones often gather for good food and conversation, the dining room should feel warm and inviting. And one easy – yet often overlooked – way to achieve that goal is to put up some curtains. In a space full of harsh-looking furniture (think: tables, chairs, cabinets), drapery adds softness, texture, and color to this communal area of the home.

Easily ranging from formal and sophisticated to casual and chic, you have endless possibilities to express your style when choosing a curtain. If you love minimal décor and natural materials, for example, you can go for neutral floor-to-ceiling drapery panels. And if you’re working with an eclectic dining room, consider patterned curtains.  It’s truly up to you!

#8 – Photo mural

If you don’t know what photo murals are, well, you can just think of them as oversized photos that take up the whole wall. They look realistic – because of this, they can seemingly transport you to another world. Have a favorite dining place that’s across the other side of the globe? Get a photo mural done up. This way, you can always feel as though you’re enjoying a meal there – without ever needing to leave your home (and country). 

You can also try beach- and seascape-themed murals; these images will help you relax after a long day at work, as you catch up with loved ones over dinner.

#9 – Wooden panels

Wooden paneling, because of its structured lines, can make your dining room feel a little less chaotic – especially if you’re the type of person who tends to leave pots and pans lying around. Not to mention, it can also be seriously stylish when done right. Who can resist its warm, inviting aesthetics? But how do you know what is ‘right?’

Well, for starters, you need to consider the extensiveness of your wood panel. Where it is not used in full-height, paneling tends to look best fitted either a third or two-thirds of your dining room’s height. You should also consider the size of the individual panel frames. Larger dining rooms look good with bigger frame sizes, while small, awkward spaces tend to suit reeded paneling. 

#10 – 3D wall panels

Bringing 3D wall panels into your dining room is one of the coolest ways to accentuate your everyday space. The playful, textured wall panels add affordable beauty, creating a focal point that ties your room together. Bonus: the panel is often light – which means easy installation, even if you’re a beginner homemaker. Also, one of the most significant advantages of 3D wall panels is that of endless possibilities. Anything you think of, you can put it into your dining room – as long as it’s 3D, of course.

For example, if you need a bold and bright covering, you can try hive-patterned panels to bring in extra depth and charm. Pick vivid colors if you wish to achieve a striking and cheerful visual. Or – you can also go for dark shades to bring out the geometry shapes you love, such as the dune, circle, triangle, brick, or even block!

#11 – Decorative plate walls

Want to do something out of the ordinary? Why not try putting your plates on the wall? As you’ll see in a bit, decorating your wall with plates is an inexpensive and creative way to create a unique, eye-catching focal point in the dining room. Because they are so versatile, they can be used in nearly all styles of home – from the most contemporary to the ultra-traditional and everything in between.

To create a more cohesive look, consider choosing a tight color scheme that includes a lot of white. Or, if you’re into the chaotic and cheeky look, you can also put up mismatched plates from yard sales and thrift stores. Anything goes, really.


#12 – Kitchen herb garden

Just as herbs can liven up a dish, they can also do the same for your dreary kitchen walls by adding that pop of green! Kitchen herb garden planters will look killer on your walls and keep your meals tasting fresh all year long – what could be better? If you’re looking to include a variety of herbs but don’t have a whole lot of space to work with, consider wall pocket planters. 

Otherwise, you could go for hanging planters. As they tend to be bigger, you’ll be able to get more of the same herb. This is especially helpful if you’re someone who rarely tries out new herbs.

#13 – Weekly menu board

Menu boards are not only for the extremely organized and people with ample time on their hands! If you’re always frustrated at the end of the day because you have no ideas what to make for dinner, you need to get yourself one of these. Set out one day of your week to plan all your meals ahead of time and write them down on the board. 

Not only will you stop eating grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner, but you’ll also be better able to plan your grocery shopping trips! Better yet, you’ll be able to get the rest of your family involved. Your loved ones can contribute to meal ideas and be part of the decision-making process. And if you’re lucky, they might just help with the prep as well! Truly a wall décor worth its money.

#14 – Marble walls

Who isn’t in love with marble? It’s the epitome of grandeur and elegance. That said, the key to making marble work in your kitchen is in using it in small doses. You want to use marble as accents and statement pieces – rather than in amounts that overwhelm the eye. In this case, less is infinitely more. So, if you include marble in your walls, try not to have it on your floors.

You don’t have to limit yourself to whole slabs of marble, too. Consider cutting it up into smaller uniform pieces, then positioning them in a vertical chevron pattern. It’s like wood paneling – but classier.

#15 – Funky tiles

Who said a kitchen backsplash was all about functionality? Admittedly, the primary purpose of it is still to protect the wall from liquids (usually water), but it can also serve as the décor focal point in your kitchen! Your choice of a backsplash defines the style of your kitchen – radiating your personality and reflecting the mood and feel of your cooking space. It’s your chance to experiment with different tile materials, eye-catching patterns, and sophisticated hues. 

Backsplashes can span the entire wall, be a pop behind the sink, or they can cover the area between the countertops and cabinets. Oh – and here’s a trick. If your kitchen doesn’t have many windows, you might want to consider mirrored tiles. In addition to maximizing light, they can also make you feel like you’re in a fun disco ball universe. The key, however, is to keep them low-profile, so it doesn’t overwhelm the eyes.

#16 – Pot rack

We all know how pots and pans all come in wonky sizes and shapes – because of this, they just don’t stack so nicely as plates or bowls do. If you’re frustrated with always having to play Tetris at the end of the day, why not consider hanging them up on a wall-mounted pot rack? Not only will this save you the trouble of having to clear out storage space for them, but they’ll also be easily-accessible from now on!

Just a note, though: the visual effect will be most stunning if you have a complementary set of cooking ware. Nonetheless, if your interior design theme is quirky and fun, putting up pots and pans of different materials, colors, and styles can also work to your advantage.


#17 – Wallpaper

Think wallpapers only belong to your grandmother’s house? Think again. Modern wallpaper is now trending and is a total game-changer. It’s a versatile design element; you either go for full-papered walls for a bold look or choose a cheekier style with an accent wall. And if you’ve got commitment issues, don’t worry – a growing number of retailers now offer a slew of removable designs so you can change up the view as often as you please. 

As for which wallpapers to go for, well, the possibilities are truly endless. Here’s a tip: you don’t need to cover your entire bedroom wall to make a statement. Have a wallpaper print you’re obsessed with? Try framing it up instead – not only is this more affordable, but it’s also less labor-intensive!

#18 – Room dividers

Don’t just think of room dividers as tools to divide a space. They can also serve as an accent that can spruce up a drab corner in your bedroom! As you’ll soon find out, dividers can help introduce much-needed texture, dimension, and color. In fact, some of the best room dividers can help bridge the gap between style and function.

If you’re looking for a room divider with the sole purpose of animating an empty corner, your best bet would be antique folding screens. They tend to boast intricate designs and textural elements, which means they function as works of art and sculptures – at the same time! Try one out in your bedroom. You might just end up loving the personality it injects into your space. 

#19 – Abstract art

The beauty of abstract art is that it’s open to interpretation – it gives you the freedom to explore the artwork and assign your own meaning to the piece. Where better to experience this intensely personal process than in the privacy and confines of your bedroom? If you’re looking to add vibrancy to your space, consider a colorful, oversized piece. Colorful abstractions pop against white walls, but can also work against richly-hued backdrops too.  

Otherwise, if you want to make a statement without adding any more color, a black-and-white piece will do the trick. When deciding on an abstract, consider the kind of energy you want to create. A wild splatter adds upbeat energy; a graceful line exudes romance and intrigue, and a solid form can feel grounding.

#20 – Creative paint jobs

Your walls are just blank canvasses, waiting to be filled with color to come alive. Forget wallpapers – it’s now time to unleash the dormant artist lurking inside you. Instead of the usual stripes, try a different pattern, such as waves. They’re incredibly eye-catching and let you use more than two contrasting colors. Don’t bother with making it look perfect, either. Just freehand it, and you’ll end up with a seriously creative, abstract piece of art.

If you’re worried about needing to buy a ton of different paint colors, here’s a solution: white-wash all your bedroom walls and use black paint to draw an abstract figure. Consider extending your art to the ceiling, so you end up with an aesthetic that’s polished and whole.

#21 – Textile wall hanging

Artwork and picture frames are fine and dandy, but if you add in textiles to your collection, you’re going to take your bedroom aesthetics to a whole new level. Hanging any sort of fabric on the wall helps make everything feel a bit softer. And isn’t that just what you want after a long, hard, and challenging day at work? Get all cozy with a beautiful textile.  

You don’t have to go crazy and buy expensive scarves to hang up, too. There are so many DIY projects available where all you’ll need are some yarn and a stick. Stunning and affordable? Try to say ‘no’ to that!

#22 – Mount a sculpture

When considering wall art, many people immediately think about drawings, paintings, and other things to hang on the wall. How about sculptures? They’re capable of adding so much dimension to your bedroom that they shouldn’t be forgotten. Also, a sculpture can help fuel your imagination and inspire your thoughts – precisely what you need before a good night’s sleep. Who knows? You might just wake the next morning with a winning idea.

If sculptures sound too serious for your liking, why not go for antlers? Yes, antlers can be rustic, but they can also be glam – depending on how you style them. For a chic version, go for metallic antlers and pair with jewel tones. Or opt for something with vintage charm, by leaving the antlers as they are.

Home office

#23 – Clock

Time is money. And there’s no better way to remind yourself of that than hanging a clock in your home office. Admittedly, smartphones may have taken over timekeeping duty for the most part, but there’s still something great about the wall clock. It doesn’t have to be charged every day, doesn’t get lost, and oh – doesn’t distract you whenever you peek at it. Better yet, modern clocks can be pretty stylish, too!

With a dizzying range of faces, materials, and texture available, you’re bound to find one that’ll fit right into your home office. If you’re going for a classy, minimalist look, you can go for a marble wall clock. Or – if you’re more inclined to the playful side of things, why not go for a wooden clock featuring die-cut numbers?

#24 – Neon signs

Take a leaf from WeWork’s page: brighten up your working space with neon signs! They can be of your favorite quote, company tagline (if you’re an entrepreneur), or even your name. You don’t have to only stick with the alphabet, too! The beauty of neon tubes is that they can be bent anyway you like – so if you have a fun design you want to try, do it!  

It might just help you power through all that work you have to do. Don’t worry about mounting electricity bills – neon signs will give your office space a unique touch even when not lit.

#25 – Floating office shelves

There is no better way to utilize a blank office wall than to install a floating shelf. By using the walls to create more storage space, a floating shelf saves you precious table space -especially if your home office isn’t particularly big. And because of their versatility, floating shelves suit just about any space – whether you want to keep things formal or enhance a casual working environment. 

Don’t think shelves are only for placing files and documents, either. You can decorate it with photo frames, sayings, motivational quotes, and small, attractive sculptures to keep you going. And to remind yourself of what (or who) you’re working for, consider adding things that hold deep meaning to you on these shelves. Doing so would not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your space but also give some heart to your office.

#26 – Chalkboard

Always have a million and one things running through your mind – at the same time? Always rifling through a thick stack of post-it notes, trying to find that contact number you wrote down a few days ago? Place a chalkboard in your home office. In addition to writing down your daily to-do lists and mental notes, you can also do some long-term strategic business planning on it. 

Don’t limit yourself to a giant chalkboard, too. You can go for smaller pieces and arrange them such that they form a monthly calendar. This way, you can keep track of what’s going to happen daily – and then rub it off if something changes. You’ll also get a more transparent overview of all the work you need to do in the upcoming days — what a life hack.

#27 – Woven wall hangings

Woven wall weavings warm up stark walls and add some much-needed texture in your home office space. They can help soften a room and give it a unique look. Depending on the piece you pick, you also get to play with colors – something neutral or something colorful. Now, while you certainly can buy one off Etsy, why not try your hand at making one yourself?

Not only does this save you money, but you can also weave it just the way you want it to look – colors, texture, and size-wise. Don’t worry if you’ve never handled a needle before in your life: there are so many DIY tutorials available online, you’ll be a master crafter in no time.


#28 – Bathroom wall art

It might surprise you, but art doesn’t only belong to the living room or bedroom. A stylish, well-decorated bathroom often features artwork too. As you’ll soon see, adding bathroom art can create a sense of thoughtfulness and beauty – helping turn your bathroom from a purely functional space to somewhere you look forward to spending time. If you prefer to keep your bathroom more minimal, a single, oversized piece of art is a perfect choice.

Otherwise, you can also create a gallery wall. To pull off this look, choose a theme or at least a style of the featured art pieces, so your bathroom doesn’t end up looking chaotic. Consider playing with the alignment of the frames, too. Slight crookedness can sometimes give off a vintage, lived-in vibe.

#29 – Hanging plants

You fill your bedroom and living room with plants – so why not bring some leafy accessories into the bathroom? Not only will they add in much-needed greenery, but they can also help purify the air and relieve stress and anxiety – perfect for when you’re lounging in the tub. Before you decide on the specific types of plants you’d like to feature, though, you have to assess your bathroom’s available light and average temperature. 

That said, there are still plants that do well in all sorts of conditions – from cool and comfortable to hot and steamy. Examples include the Golden Pothos, Boston Fern, and air plants. For an easy display solution, consider a pegboard. You can hang potted plants from baskets or, better yet, grab a few air plants, and you won’t need pots at all.  

#30 – Unconventional wall hooks

Beautiful bathroom décor doesn’t stop at colors, flooring, and tiles. If you want a put-together look, you can’t forget about the smaller details. And yes, that includes your towel and bathroom hooks. Even though hooks typically keep a low profile because of their practicality, you can use them as more than just functional features – they can be a part of the décor, too. 

If you’re looking for a fun, playful look, consider different-sized wooden peg hooks. This can bring movement to an otherwise minimalist space. Or – if you’re a fan of the luxurious style, go for brass sculptures that’ll be as beautiful as they are functional. Also, another fun idea to consider is that of monogrammed hooks. This way, you’ll always know which towel is yours. 

#31 – Leaning shelf

Have you ever noticed how quickly your bathroom becomes disorganized? Unsurprisingly so, too – given the number of personal care products you need to store within. One easy, stylish solution is to install new shelving. As you’ll see, shelving isn’t only practical; it can also be fully part of your décor decisions. 

And if you don’t want to make unsightly holes in your bathroom walls, there’s no better shelving option for you than the leaning shelf. You can choose a rack of any material and color you like. Unfinished wood gives off a farmhouse appeal, while glass or metal better suit contemporary styles. If the top shelf ends up too high to be comfortably accessed, display a beautiful print to add personality to your bathroom.

#32 – Sconces

Of all the light sources in a bathroom, you’ll find that the sconces beside your mirror are the most important. Whether you’re applying makeup or tweezing your eyebrows, you need good lighting to see what you’re doing with your face. Besides, because they’re typically mounted at eye level, sconces also represent an opportunity to express your personality and style. Always look for sconces that create mood and atmosphere – with that little bit of fanciful decoration. 

While the style of sconces doesn’t need to match your overhead fixtures, you’d do best to keep them in the same finish family to maintain unity in the bathroom’s overall design. Also, you can venture beyond the mirror area when it comes to placement. A sconce can also be perfect at the tub area – it creates a soothing ambiance that can be difficult to achieve with an overhead fixture.


#33 – Print display

Art is a fantastic way to create interest, elegance, and whimsy in any space. It adds color, fun, and stimulation – making it the perfect addition to a nursery. When it comes to picking specific pieces, well, it never hurts to look to inspire. Children are most inspired by things that have a real-world reference – especially things they can find in nature or their environment. Thus, making animal and space prints the top options available.

And If you’re excited at the prospect of your child reading and counting before they can get up on their feet, there’s no reason your nursery art can’t be attractive and educational. Look for high-quality prints with numbers or alphabets.

#34 – Colorful wall tapestry

If you didn’t already know, a child’s visual development could be enhanced by giving them an exciting and colorful environment! So, what better way to stimulate your child’s senses than to hang up a colorful wall tapestry? Best of all, tapestries come in many sizes, designs, and colors. You can choose the exact one that complements your intended nursery theme. Your little one will undoubtedly be fascinated by the tapestry because of its attractive colors.

Also, wall tapestry can help add some much-needed texture to the room. Expose your little one to the different feels of materials from young, and you’ll spark his or her curiosity about the world!

#35 – Wall decals

Thanks to wall decals, decorating your little one’s nursery just got easier and quicker. Whether they’re placed above the crib or on a statement wall, these removable stickers will make your baby (and you) smile. And because they’re incredibly easy to apply and remove, you don’t have to worry about redoing the interior when your little one outgrows the decals you picked. 

As to which decals to pick, well, you could always go with the classic themes: nature, animals, shapes, and space. Here’s a tip: once you’ve decided on a wall decal, it’s a good idea to learn how to apply them bubble-free. You don’t want to spend hours repositioning them because of surface unevenness. 

#36 – Pom-pom ball hanger

Pom-pom ball hangers are the prettiest and cutest wall art idea ever. Not only do they add color to your nursery walls, but they also fill up all that space effectively. Best of all? You can make them yourselves with very affordable materials, including paper and scrap fabric you have. 

You can be sure your little one’s going to start reaching out for it the moment he or she lays eyes on it!

#37 – Library wall

Want to encourage the habit of reading when your children are young? Why not build a shelf in the nursery room? Not only does it save you precious storage space, but it also teaches your child the importance of being organized so he or she can easily find their belongings. If you’re struggling with shelf placement, consider the room’s corners. 

Nursery corners typically remain furniture-free, which makes them dead space. Put them to good use by installing two or three small shelves for things like books and small toys. Play around with the material and color of the shelves to achieve the specific look you’re going for in your child’s nursery.

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