The 40 Best Festival Outfits for 2020

Space buns, platform stacks, and out of this world accessories…this look will definitely get you abducted by party aliens!

This babe puts the DISCO in disco-house! Matching top and bottoms, bucket hat, and some sparkle…she IS the disco ball!

Cactus pasties, fringe, and statement necklace curates the perfect desert vibe! The bigger the belt, the closer to the front you’ll get.

This look is fashionably TOXIC! Again with the comfy reflective parachute pants, bikini top, accessorized with a gas mask. Fashion forward while keeping the dust out of your dancing zone!

Western Woman with a sprinkle of sparkle. Her boots were definitely made for dancing. This look isn’t complete with out her contrast of color, cowgirl hat!

AS IF! Clueless meets a rave…plaid printed pants, latex bikini top, tied together with edgy accessories! This look is schooling all the new age ravers!

Fringe. Any outfit can go from zero to 100 with a lil fringe! Top knot, shades, and sexy mesh shirt pulls this statement jacket together.

A man who isn’t afraid to experiment…with fashion that is! The mixture of texture and print is such a bold statement that an undershirt clearly isn’t necessary! Purple lenses for all your purple fantasies.

Free the nip! This neon and mesh mix will caution the crowd of ravers to watch out while you cut shapes!

The look you go for when you still want to look like a civilian after the festival! Clearly this is the dad of the group who makes sure everyone gets to the after party safely.

Disco, disco at the rave… will this house music get me saved? THIS look is complete…again with a statement jacket and glasses! Guys, are you paying attention?

Spicy Mami in the house! This whole vibe was thoroughly curated. From the fire French braids, to the choker harness, this look is finished with these infrared shades! Fuego!!

Lady in red…lady in red. She’s dancing fabulously alone in her feathers, flowers, and fishnets. Matching top and bottoms paired with patent leather books…La Babe En Rose.

Cyber-Punk Party Monster look gives us insight on what really goes down at the techno stage! This monochromatic green top and bottom pairing is perfectly pulled together with the mesh under shirt. I bet she knows where the underground raves happen!

Bite me! Sometimes less is more, and this outfit is the perfect example! You can never go wrong with statement pasties. Not only does it make it easier for you to build your outfit around, but it’s so FREEING!

Yee-Haw! This babe is ROCKING the wild, wild west look. From the crazy print on her one piece, along with her party chaps, hat, and stylish under-boob…it’s geniusly done! She is saddled up with her beverage ready to rave!

The festy-goer who looks amazing, with very little effort. Yeowww! These are all pieces that we all have in our closets, and she’s brought them together so easily! Adding chains to your shades can make a world of difference to your entire look! Details matter, people!

Chill. Ice Princess is here! This look will have spectators bowing as you walk down the festival runway! With a statement piece like this coat, plus the boots with the fur…the whole rave will be looking at her!

Alright QUEEN! Dance. Walk. POSE. Those platform boots were made to stomp out any one who kills her festival vibe! Let’s not forget about the mesh puff sleeves! Bold and completely necessary for this look.

This pink panther…or cheetah look is frisky, playful, and FEM. Accessorized with rhinestones and fringe, honey you are a VIP.

Ready to ride this festival…don’t forget your whip! This look is paired with an over-sized blazer and hat so that your equestrian, rave look is complete! Pony not included.

Moon Goddess moves…make sure you’re in her path when she enchants the dance floor with her presence! The bra is the star in this entire look! Perfectly paired with a moon choker and black lipstick…Who’s ready for a disco seaunce?

Burning Man S&M fantasies flood the mind with this look! Styled with a studded bra + harness, simple bottoms, and a headdress that screams Chief of the party.

Frosty Goddess is bringing all your ice dreams to life! This look will keep you COOL AF while you dance away to techno tunes somewhere in the desert. In case you didn’t know…fringe is IN!

No soldier seeking is necessary with this badass look. If comfort is more your style, these stylish parachute pants are the way to go! From head to toe this comerade ensemble serves…

Obsessed with the attention to detail! This bedazzled band hat is the perfect accessory to lead your troupe of friends to debauchery! Don’t forget the glitter bombs!

Buckle up…this moto inspired outfit will have you geared to rave ALL NIGHT. The glasses will definitely keep your eyes safe from all the lasers! What a creative way to use your mans gloves, don’t promise him they’ll return.

Are you THAT friend that likes to run away from the squad while raving? With this reflective look you’ll never get lost! Simple styling, lots of comfort, a pair of sneakers, and you’re ready to light up the dance floor.

FAM PHOTO! This whole groups looks are on point! Festival fashion is ALWAYS a safe space for you and your homies to play with textures, prints, colors, and shapes! Always a good idea to cohesively pair neutral platforms with your wild styling!

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